Audio tales so peculiar you won’t believe your ears.



“Periphery” is a fictional audio anthology series that will entertain the mind’s eye of the podcast generation through scripted sci-fi, horror and fantasy stories reminiscent of mid-century radio dramas.

The brainchild of journalist and American University graduate student Lindsey Leake, “Periphery” is a podcast filled with audio tales so peculiar you won’t believe your ears.

Season 1, containing eight 20-minute episodes, kicks off late spring 2019.


periphery | pəˈrif(ə)rē | 

noun (plural peripheries) the outer limits or edge of an area or object

New Oxford American Dictionary



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Full episodes of “Periphery” launch biweekly beginning late spring 2019. Until then, check out these summaries of the first five episodes:


episode 1 - “typewriter”

While Christmas shopping for her sister, a young woman ends up buying herself a typewriter with a mind of its own. Sneak-peek episode drops Dec. 15!

episode 2 - “portrait”

When a widower takes up painting after his wife’s death, he thinks he’s creating masterpieces. But the art is trying to tell him something — or, perhaps, warn him.

episode 3 - “impostor”

A father picks up his daughter from day care one afternoon. She’s the same sweet girl he dropped off that morning … isn’t she?

episode 4 - “diary”

A middle school student discovers one of her grandmother’s unfinished diaries. When she begins filling out the rest, her whole world changes. 

episode 5 - “Necklace”

An ailing woman buys a beaded necklace from an upscale consignment shop. But it does more than look pretty on her neck.



“Periphery” has the best chance of becoming a household name through partnership with a podcast collective or news outlet. While there are some fantastic independently produced podcasts out there, they lack the distribution power that companies like Radiotopia, Wondery, Gimlet, Panoply, Parcast and HeadGum provide.

Joining one of these podcasting giants would assist in marketing and advertising efforts for “Periphery,” as well as offer technical support, branding opportunities, cross-promotion, and even mentorship from veterans in the field. 


“Periphery” will be made available on as many podcast platforms as possible, including: Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, PodBean, RadioPublic, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn.

It will also have a strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The “Periphery” website will include transcripts of each episode, behind-the-scenes looks at the production process, branded merchandise, fan artwork and more.




an eye for capital

“Periphery” will secure initial capital through crowdfunding. Its first Kickstarter fundraising goal will be $15,000 by Feb. 28, 2019, and another $10,000 by April 30. Donation drives for Season 2 will kick off mid-summer 2019.

Joining a podcast network will help defray production costs. Radiotopia, for example, provides marketing and distribution for its shows in exchange for a cut of ad revenue, but lets creators keep 100 percent equity of their shows. 

Additional funding will be secured through creative writing grants, listener donations through Patreon, and merchandise sales on the “Periphery” website. 



There are many ways to get in touch with the “Periphery” team and other fans of the show. Follow us on social media, sign up for our newsletter, and/or send an email our way. (For media inquiries, please contact press@periphery.pod)

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“Periphery” creator Lindsey Leake. ( Circa / Ryan Eskalis )

“Periphery” creator Lindsey Leake. (Circa/Ryan Eskalis)


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